Aaron Parker

Cinematographer & Editor

I am a cinematographer, editor, and all around video producer based in the Southwest Florida region. I started my career with only knowledge from Youtube videos and snowballed that into what I am today through classic hands-on experience and trial-by-fire situations. My first professional camera was technically a drone! Having created content ranging from product advertising to wedding films, I am confident in my ability to complete any project that comes my way. I have worked with marketing agencies and corporate companies, doing a variety of video work for well-known brands.  Prior to my freelance work, I spearheaded the in-house photo and video department for a large product brand. I produced and worked on hundreds of videos with a fantastic team of professionals, from six-figure budget ad spots to off-the-cuff social media content and e-learning content.

When I'm not creating content, I'm consuming content. If I haven't watched it or played it, I know of it. I am an avid gamer of in person board games and online video games; and of course, movies.