Dom Boisvert

Videographer & Lighting Technician

Hi, I'm Dom Boisvert (BWAH-VARE; yes, tough to pronounce... think: as French as possible). I'm a Video Producer based in Boston, though my area of expertise is in cinematography and camera operation. After film school, I worked as a camera technician for a rental house, then went on to produce YouTube content covering their vast rental inventory, so... you could say I love gear!

Though I'm a child of the internet era, I believe some of the old ways of doing things are the most rewarding; like shooting 35mm film and listening to vinyl on my record player! During the pandemic, I discovered my love of downhill mountain biking, though I also love a leisurely ride along the Charles on my gravel bike! If we get the chance to meet, I'd love to hear what your favorite movies are!