Patrick J. Purcell Jr

Founder and Head of Account Strategy and Execution

If anyone has storytelling in his DNA, it is Patrick Purcell Jr. The son of newspaper scion Patrick Purcell Sr, Patrick Jr grew up in the midst of breaking-news headlines and reporters. He jumped on his publishing career after graduating from Boston College; first to the New York Post’s Page Six, where he led the charge of transforming the paper into a global brand, and secured advertising sponsorships such as Gucci and Chanel. He soon was recruited to launch AOL’s Patch, an international digital multimedia journalistic platform, where he managed a team of 500.  It was only a matter of time before he would unite his vast skill set of video producing, sales and marketing to create the Purcell Agency. Patrick knows precisely how clients think and what they want. He understands that strategy, creativity and a white glove bespoke campaign drive results for a brand. And the scale of his clients prove it: Harpoon Brewery, Cambridge Saving Bank, Ten World Trade, Mandarin Orental Boston hotel, to name a few. Success is in the details –you can trust  Patrick to know every one of them.