Spencer Knisely

Strategist, Head of Technology

Digital Transformation, CRM, Content Creative & Delivery, Retail Experience Technology, UI/UX, Digital Marketing

Spencer’s background is in the activation of digital technology and experience in the retail channel. Developing and adapting marketing communication strategies and content for store environment programs, from graphics to content to interactives. An advocate for disruptive technology, Spencer drove NATAS Emmy committee consideration of pioneering retail HDTV distribution technology, later serving on that body as a voting member. 

Prior roles include CMO and RVP for a leading commercial technology integration firm serving retail and hospitality, designing, building and installing top-tier content and interactive platforms.

Before that, Sr.Director, Experience Development for Best Buy with responsibility for all brand systems, in-store communications, 43 million weekly Sunday inserts, and store technology engineering.

Spencer and his wife own and manage a Minneapolis-based digital marketing firm.