Mass Bay Brewing Company

Since 2020 Purcell Agency has worked closely with Mass Bay Brewing (Harpoon, UFO, Longtrail, and more) as their content creation agency across video and photo campaigns.  Over the years we have produced high-quality content, at scale, for a variety of distribution channels.  This partnership has extended to their affiliate brands such as Polar’s Arctic Chill and Clown Shoes.   Some of the TV commercials that we have produced for Arctic Chill have run on NBC’s Saturday Night Live as well as SEC College Football.

Harpoon Hometown Hat Trick
Longtrail Sugar Sheds

“Purcell Agency has a strategic approach to content creation that’s really helped us bring our brand stories to life for our consumers. They are agile in developing a variety of different content needs required in today’s digital world, they do it in a timely manner, and it always looks good.”

~Megan Wilson, Director of Marketing

Mass Bay Brewing Co

Our recent projects

Our custom services range from projects that manage the entire back-end technology and marketing funnel to campaign-specific work where we act as the creative agency and produce winning content for paid distribution.