In 2021 Purcell Agency was hired by Elevate PR to be the content production agency for WIC’s newest social media video campaign.  We worked directly with the WIC team to storyboard and produce three concepts for mass distribution across multiple social media channels.  We worked with a talent agency (Model Club, Inc.) for casting and coordinated with locations to bring these concepts to life.

We continued work in 2022 with the WIC Breastfeeding team directly out of UNR Nevada. We produced 10 separate campaign concepts for digital and social distribution. Content COMING SOON.

WIC Dad Serves Breakfast
WIC Family Grocery Store
WIC Explainer Reels Vertical

~Karan DiMartino, Marketing Manager DPH

Mass WIC Nutrition Program

Our recent projects

Our custom services range from projects that manage the entire back-end technology and marketing funnel to campaign-specific work where we act as the creative agency and produce winning content for paid distribution.